Turmeric Dyed Yarn | WIP Wednesday


I’m a serious multi-crafter. At any given time I have several projects going on and most of them involve yarn. Call them UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) or WIPs (Works In Progress), on Wednesdays I’ll share these DIYs…before they’re done.

This week I’m taking y’all to the spice rack and dying wool yarn with turmeric. Nowadays I’m interested in natural dyes, and this is my first attempt coloring fiber this way. I referred to this tutorial, but I varied the proportions of powdered turmeric to water, and the result is very cool! The turmeric creates shades of yellow ranging from buttery to deep mustard.

The picture below shows the yarn still damp after a second rinsing. I didn’t think I’d have to rinse more than once, but the turmeric went back to being powdery after the yarn dried the first time. It was like it was covered in pollen! I wonder if using the actual turmeric root in tea form would make the end result less dusty.


I used a white, single-ply, worsted weight 100% wool yarn. I wanted to be super careful not to felt it under running water. You know how a wool sweater is completely ruined if you throw it in the washing machine? Well, you can do the same thing to this type yarn by over-agitating in warm water with your hands. Good news if you’re intentionally felting; bad news if you actually want to knit with it. Luckily, that didn’t happen here.

Tips? I suggest dying yarn like this when you know the weather is going to be not rainy or humid for a few days. It took four days for my hanks to dry after the first rinsing.


What will this yarn be? I really like the All About Love Shawl. I’m on a bit of a shawl kick because I’m becoming more comfortable with lacework, and shawls are the best ways to show off a fancy stitch pattern.

Will I ever dye again? You betcha. I found out avocado pits steeped in water make a lovely pink color. Bring on the guacamole!


What sort of crafty projects are you working on? Let me know in the comments!

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