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Blanket-Scarf-Full2 copyHi, everyone! I recently participated in a really fun project. Heather from the blog, The Arbitrary Fox, created the Arbitrary Scarf Exchange where she partnered up bloggers and various interwebs people to exchange scarves based on eachother’s taste and personality. Think of pen pals – but with scarves! As a knitter, I was totally in.

My Scarf for Brittany: Yarn - Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Spice / Stickers: Hobby Lobby / Ornament: Cracker Barrell

My Scarf for Brittany: Yarn – Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Spice / Stickers: Hobby Lobby / Ornament: Cracker Barrel

Heather matched me up with Brittany from Illinois who makes oh-so-cute children’s infinity scarves for her fancylittlefoxes Etsy shop. (Can you sense a theme? Yay, foxes!) Brittany requested a scarf in a neutral color that was versatile enough to wear with many outfits. Since Brittany is also a mom and a nanny, I picked a yarn that is washable and requires little care, and the “foxy” rust color is an unexpected – and Brittany-inspired – neutral shade. Of course, I included some sly little friends…

(Knitter’s note: It may be difficult to see here in the box, but this is an infinity scarf that can be worn long or looped twice around the neck. It’s a simple pattern that I came up with on the fly, and it’s great for anyone who has just learned how to knit in the round. I used 2 skeins of yarn. To make it, you need a 24″ size 15 circular needle. CO 125 stitches (or any odd number of stitches to get your desired length. Row 1: k1, p1 ending with a k1; Place marker and join in round being careful not to twist stitches; Continue in pattern (seed stitch) beginning with a p1 until the scarf is the desired width (this one is about 10″ wide) ending at the stitch before the marker. Bind off in pattern and weave in loose ends.)

blanket-scarf-unfolded copyThis is the masterpiece Brittany sent me! I asked for something colorful, and the plaid is holiday-perfect. It’s called a blanket scarf, and it’s almost as tall as I am! I must be late to the party, because I had never seen this type of scarf before. I imagine this scarf is more popular up North, but it’s the perfect solution for those coldish Louisiana days when I don’t feel like lugging around a heavy coat, and it’s big enough to be used as a real blanket…totally fort approved! Brittany suggested in her note to me that I should check out the tutorials on Pinterest, and there are several as you can see on my “Style It!” board. Many bloggers go the triangle scarf route with the point in the front and a lot of fullness around the neck. While I love that style, my hair – which is slightly shorter than shoulder length and not quite long enough for a ponytail or bun – competes for neck space with the scarf and sticks out everywhere. I also saw the scarf belted and worn like a vest in some of the outfits. I decided to do my own variation of that look, adding a little shawl collar into the mix. Here’s how you do it:

blanket-scarf-folded-in-half copyFirst, fold the scarf in half diagonally so you get a big triangle…

blanket-scarf-collar-foldNext, take the folded edge of the scarf and fold it, too. The more fabric you fold over, the wider your “collar” will be.

blanket-scarf-shawl copyThen, put the scarf around your shoulders with the center point in the middle of your back…

Blanket-Scarf-Final-AdjustmentsNow, wrap your favorite belt around your waist on top of the scarf. Take the ends below the belt and unfold them so they’re spread out and overlap them slightly in the middle.

Tada! You just turned a scarf into a vest!

I’m not sure where Brittany bought my particular scarf, but after doing some research, I found out that this style was made popular by Zara, and they have some blanket scarves in different colors on their site (Zara Checked Scarves). Also, there are many eBay sellers that carry them, too, including many in the same colors as mine (Blanket Scarves on eBay). Whatever your budget, you can rock this style!

Outfit Details - Sweater: Lane Bryant (Similar); Camisole: Lane Bryant (Similar); Belt: Lane Bryant (Similar); Leggings: Avenue; Boots: Jessica London

Outfit Details – Sweater: Lane Bryant (Similar); Camisole: Lane Bryant (Similar); Belt: Lane Bryant (Similar); Leggings: Avenue; Boots: Jessica London

A very big thanks to Brittany for sending this awesome scarf my way and to Heather for making it all happen! Do you all have any ideas? How would you style a blanket scarf? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, bundle up!

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Style Study: Feelin’ Groovy!

The legal stuff: I am a sales associate at 2nd and Charles and a long-time employee of Books-A-Million, Inc. While I am doing this post on my own time with no extra compensation and the ideas and thoughts expressed in this post remain my own, they do give me a paycheck. I just thought you guys should know that.

Now, let’s have fun!


So, someone should tell Justin we have his records…just kidding! Here I am at my home away from home. I work in the Vinyl department of 2nd and Charles in Covington, LA, a magical place for nerds…um, I mean “hobbists,” of all types. Books, music, comics, video games, and tons of other stuff–we got it! However, my little vinyl babies hold a special place in my heart, as you can tell by my dress from Modcloth and my colored, etched copy of Warpaint‘s self-titled double album. And I’m not just flashing the record because it matches the dress, by the way. They are a great band you should definitely check out. “Disco//very” is my jam right now.


Saturday, April 19th is a super-special day for record stores and a great day to check out your local vinyl retailer. As for us at 2NC Covington, we’re hosting our Get in the Groove event where we’ll have local bands, prizes, and artist, Justin Lacoste, who makes jewelry and other neat things out of records! Check out his Facebook page and all the cool stuff he makes here.


Speaking of crafting from records, here’s our DIY which I call the Galaxy and Gold Tri-Pick Necklace! Instead of using the vinyl itself, I decided to use the album cover, and I found a winner in our $2 bin:


I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. That’s another band. I didn’t just pick this album because “Hold the Line” is awesome (which it is, but that’s beside the point). You know how galaxy print is hot these days? Boom! Toto were truly trailblazers in more ways than one!

IMG_1401You’ll also need one of these, a Pick Punch. What it’s really used for is to make instant guitar picks from gift cards, but we’ll use it for craftier purposes. I got mine at 2NC. IMG_1402You’ll also need another punch that makes the tiniest circles you can find, jewelry pliers, gold chain, jump rings, a clasp, and your secret weapon…

IMG_1400Extreme Glitter Mod Podge!


Punch out your picks using the Pick Punch. I punched out more than I needed, so I could choose the best ones. Punch a small hole near the top of each one. That’s where you’ll attach your pick to the chain with a jump ring. Before you do that, paint a couple of layers of Mod Podge on each pick. Once they’re dry, measure out a length of gold chain to fit your neck. Evenly space your three picks and use the jump rings attach them to the chain. Add your clasp, and…


Tada! You’re ready to rock! Quick tip–make sure your record isn’t super valuable or collectable before you craft with it. That would make us vinyl geeks cry.


We have time for another outfit, right? This headphones t-shirt comes from Lane Bryant, who has been coming out with some great graphic tees lately. Check out this new one I saw today with DJ Kitty! The black maxi-skirt is also from Lane Bryant, and my shoes (if you can see them) are from Vans.


The actual headphones on my head are Audacity Quilted Rebel Headphones, and I got them from 2NC!

IMG_1476There you have it! Don’t forget to score some great vinyl at your local record store this Saturday, and if you’re in Covington, drop by 2nd and Charles for what’s sure to be a fun day!


Work It!

IMG_1059Work where? No matter how you bring home the bacon, you can always be on the clock in style. In this week’s Style Study, I’m going to show you three different professional outfits tailored to different workplaces and a quick DIY to reveal your creative side.

Outfit #1: Executive Excellence

IMG_0927You’re the corner-office cutie who’s dressed to impress! This look is great for any workplace with a suit-and-tie dress code or for that all-important interview to you snag the job of your dreams. The power suit doesn’t have to be too matchy-matchy. I paired this plain black blazer with a chevron-striped pencil skirt, both from Lane Bryant, to show that you can mix and match your suit separates to get versatile looks from your business wardrobe. The ruffled top from Cato Fashions adds a pop of coral to brighten up your daily grind.

IMG_0932Chevron earrings from dELiA*s, a Lane Bryant belt, and black patent, pointy-toed heels from Zappos gives the outfit professional polish to show you mean business. Ready for a night out with co-workers? Lose the blazer for a party-perfect evening look.

Outfit #2: People Person

IMG_0988Let’s face it. Heels and short skirts aren’t always practical if you spend all day on your feet. You may be a teacher running to keep up with the kiddos one second and having a parent-teacher conference the next. Or, you may work in retail where you have to look put-together for the public but still have to be comfy enough to spend eight hours without sitting at a desk. This is the outfit for you! This sheer teal top from Torrid layered over a Lane Bryant cami gives the outfit a dressy look without being too fussy. The black slacks, also from Torrid, are casually functional and have a little bit of stretch ensuring that you can keep up with whatever the day throws your way.

IMG_0989I can testify these sensible flats from Zappos with cute knot details have helped me to survive many shifts on the sales floor. I used the same Lane Bryant belt from the first outfit to emphasize the top’s empire waist. The little rose earrings from Charming Charlie compliment the fabric detail of the top as well, and a cute hair bow from Carter’s (Yes, the baby store! I was shopping for my niece, and one thing led to another…) finishes off the outfit.

Outfit #3: Creative Comfort

IMG_1053Ever want to show up to work in your sweats? Some people are really this lucky, especially artists, designers, and writers. If you’re one of these folks working either from home or from a dressed-down workplace, you can still look polished without taking too much energy away from your creative endeavors. Pastel and pretty, this graphically inspired Lane Bryant sweatshirt layers effortlessly over an Old Navy mandarin collar shirt. Stretchy, skinny jeans from Torrid are comfortable for a long day sitting in front of a computer but are polished enough for if you actually run into another human being.

IMG_1052The accessories pull from the pastel palette of the rest of the outfit. You’ll swear these mint flats from Simply Be are your favorite slippers, and the earrings? Well, that’s our DIY project, and you can make them in no time!

IMG_0843The how-to on how to make the earrings can be found here, and she even gives a few different designs you can pick from. As for me, I started off with a pair of big, gold hoops from Charming Charlie that were beginning to tarnish and not look so great. Picking the embroidery thread, I chose colors found in the sweatshirt going with shimmery mint green and pink and a solid black. Full disclaimer, the shimmery thread was a bit more difficult two work with because the strands wanted to separate more so than with the black thread, but I made it work, and here’s the end result!


Hopefully no one has a case of the Mondays with these outfits! Until next time, work hard, play harder!