The Southern Girl’s Guide to Fall Fashion

*This post contains affiliate links. If clicked and a sale is made, I receive a commission. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Super Style Me possible!fall-fashion-pinI go though it every August. All of my favorite stores introduce their fall lines, and I want to buy and and wear all of the new things NOW! I check my budget, fill my shopping carts…and then I go outside. Call it #louisianaproblems, but it’s kind of difficult think of autumn when the heat index is still over 100 degrees. This time of year is like the Southern version of Groundhog Day except instead of six more weeks of winter, we have a scorching summer temps, sticky humidity, and no special Bill Murray movie (unless you count Meatballs) to help us laugh about it.

However, you don’t have to experience “Fall FOMO,” even if you live in the lower half of the country. Here are some ways I add autumn to my outfits and still beat the heat:

fall-fashion-med-31- Change Colors: Lightweight clothes can give off autumn vibes if you look for your favorite fall hues. Try shades of gold, burgundy, rust, and brown, and you’ll be one step ahead of the leaves! You can also introduce these colors into you wardrobe with accessories like handbags, statement necklaces, and headbands.

2- Chambray: Meet your new favorite neutral! Chambray isn’t as heavy as typical denim, and the darker versions of this fabric transition even the most summery separates to a new season. Chambray dresses and skirts are super cute and breathable, and a chambray shirt makes a great layer even if you’re only thing making you feel chilly is the AC.

fall-fashion-med-23- Show Some Skin: You don’t have to put your shorts, sandals, and sleeveless dresses away yet! You’d be surprised how well they coordinate with more traditional fall pieces. See this time of year as an opportunity to re-imagine your summer wardrobe. How would your favorite shorts look with a light sweater? Does your new pair of boots go with your tried and true sundress? Oh, the possibilities!

fall-fashion-full24- Layer Later: There are plenty of new fall pieces you can wear right now. Who says you have to put something on top of a sleeveless shell or cami? You can keep the cardigans and tights packed away for just a little bit longer, but if you’re doing your fall shopping now, check out garments that look just as good alone as they do with a warmer wardrobe buddy.

fall-fashion-med copy5- It’s a State of Mind: We’re lucky, really. Where else can you still swim and enjoy fun in the sun well into September? However, it’s understandable that we want a change of scenery after months and months of heat. Hang in there; summer will eventually end. In the meantime, enjoy your pumpkin spice latte…even if it’s iced.

fall-fashion-fullHow are you updating your closet for fall even though it’s still summer? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for visiting me on this hot August day, and until next time, stay cool!

Outfit details – Top: ModCloth Namesake Label / Skirt: Myrtlewood from ModCloth / Bag: Brit-Stitch from ModCloth / Shoes: Zappos (similar) / Brooch: Vintage from Femme De Bloom on Etsy

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Fashionable Feature on Sans Scrubs!

texture-medThe lovely Amanda from the blog, Sans Scrubs, chose me as her Fashionable Feature for the month of August! Check out my guest post where I share some unexpected life lessons I learned from blogging. While you’re there read all about Amanda’s adventures as a nurse, student, and fabulous fashionista. You’ll love her outfits!

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My First Time: Cool Gal Blue | Proud to be a Part of the 95%!

*This post contains affiliate links. If clicked and a sale is made, I receive a commission. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Super Style Me possible!

*Note: Since this post went live, Cool Gal Blue changed its name to Society+. All of the links should direct you to the proper place, but their official home page is

cool-gal-blue-6-full-windMy name is Becca, and I’m a grown woman who enjoys wearing tutus. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to tell you all about one of my new favorite online stores – one that is on the verge of something revolutionary. Cool Gal Blue is bringing honesty to fashion from its consistent sizing to the authenticity of its models. At the helm is their creative director, Jessica Kane. You may know her from her blog, Life & Style of Jessica, or as the founder of Skorch Magazine.


The #WEARETHE95PERCENT Campaign Presented by @CoolGalBlue ​in response to the fact that only 5% of American women naturally possess the body that is presented as “ideal” in advertising. Models from left Beck​​ of @manfattan, Meag​​han of @littlelimedress, @jessica_kane of @skorchmagazine, Liz o​​f @psitsfashion and Marcy of @themarc​​yminute. Photography by @mic​​htakespics. Makeup by @gabriellafortunato (Marcy & Beck) and @beatbyalexismarie (Liz & Meaghan). Concept and direction by @jessi​​ca_kane. All wardrobe provided by

Kane and company flaunt their fabulousness for the “We are the 95%” campaign in Cool Gal Blue’s new Curves in the City lookbook. The campaign addresses the statistic that only 5% of American women have the “ideal” body which is prevalent in the media. Since 100% of women deserve to be represented and to feel confident, Cool Gal Blue does things differently than many other plus size retailers.

cool-gal-blue-1-medEver have the problem being one size in one brand and a different size in another, even at the same store? Cool Gal Blue practices “Honest Sizing.” While they get their clothes from a variety of places, they hand measure each item and size it accurately so you don’t have to worry about anything running too big or too small. At the moment, they don’t offer every style in every size, but there is a large selection above size 24, and I’ve even seen a few items in 30 and 32.

cool-gal-blue-3-medThe main reason I started blogging is I never saw any size 28s modeling the clothes I’d like to buy. Most plus size models fall into the 12/14/16 range, and of course these ladies are all beautiful, but the lack of diversity gave me no clue as to how clothes would look in my size and on my body. Lucky for me, Cool Gal Blue has models in a variety of sizes, and the coolest part is they don’t Photoshop any of them! Booties, bellies, and rolls are left as they are IRL because us regular girls have them, too.

cool-gal-blue-4-medReady to give Cool Gal Blue a try? Get 20% off your order at checkout with the code STYLE20!

You can also be a part of the real-size revolution by using the hashtags  #FASHIONFORTHEMAJORITY, #WEARETHE95PERCENT, and #HONESTSIZING.

cool-gal-blue-5-full-EDITHow do you feel about Cool Gal Blue’s philosophy and the “We are the 95%” Campaign? Let me know in the comments!

Realistic models and honest sizing shouldn’t be such cutting edge ideas, but I’m glad Cool Gal Blue working to make them the new normal. I hope other brands follow their lead. Viva la tutu!

Outfit Details – Tulle Skirt: Cool Gal Blue – in size 4x / Top: ModCloth / Shoes: Lane Bryant (similar) / Necklace and Earrings: Charming Charlie (similar)

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