A SnoBall’s Chance in Louisiana

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Don’t call it shaved ice, and certainly don’t call it a “snow cone.” It’s a SnoBall, baby! (And that’s with no “w,” AutoCorrect.) If you grew up anywhere near New Orleans, you’ve probably had a million of them. During the summer, unassuming little shacks become SnoBall stands with people standing in line for some sugary goodness. This is one of the ways we’re lucky that the heat of the season lasts longer for us because once the weather cools off, the SnoBalls go away (unless you’re smart enough to know where the few places are that serve them year-round, you know, in case you’re jonesin’).

snoball-2-editWhat makes a SnoBall different from its imitators is the texture of the ice. It’s much “fluffier” and has the consistency of actual snow. Hey! I’ve seen snow before! It’s not like I’ve never left the state, and we always look fondly on when it snowed here “that one time”. Anyway, in Louisiana you can eat the yellow snow because it’s probably tastes like cake batter, and there are tons more flavors to choose from. You can also get your SnoBall stuffed with ice cream, topped with condensed milk, or doused with sour spray. Then, there are the folks who just like plain ice (who are these people?). This time I decided to taste the rainbow, picking my tri-flavored childhood favorite. This is how most NOLA kids learned red and yellow make orange and yellow and blue make green. It’s science in a Styrofoam cup!

snoball-5-editOne of my favorite SnoBall spots is Bot and Nola’s in Abita Springs. It has a fun retro vibe, tons of flavors, and plenty of seating to chill with your SnoBall on even the hottest of days. They’re open every day in the summer, and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

snoball-4-editAs for the dress, its a Hell Bunny I found on eBay after it was out of stock everywhere else. I recently learned after joining some buy, sell, trade groups that these highly sought after but difficult to find dresses are called “unicorns.” I haven’t seen another one in purple anywhere recently, but if you like this dress and the color blue, here it is on ModCloth’s site.

snoball-6-editWhat’s your favorite summer treat? Let me know in the comments! It doesn’t take much to make me happy. A SnoBall and a cute dress is a great start!


Outfit details – Dress: eBay (here it is in blue from ModCloth) / Necklace: ModCloth / Earrings: Amano Studio from Plum New Orleans


All photos by my awesome friend, Crystal McElroy / Studio 7 Photography


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6 thoughts on “A SnoBall’s Chance in Louisiana

  1. SaraLily says:

    Oh gosh what ISN’T my favorite summer treat? I have such a sweet tooth but ice cream treats top my list. Growing up, we were big Dairy Queen supporters and we would take a drive after supper to get our Blizzard fix. Then my sisters and I would sit in the back of our fan, getting drippy and sticky, and my dad would let us drive home in the back. It was so ridiculous but fun. We’d pretend to be tossed around an would make such a big deal of not having to be in our seats. Probably not too safe but we lived 10min from our local DQ so it wasn’t a long ride.

    • superstylemeblog@gmail.com says:

      Haha – my dad had a van like that, too. There were no seats in the back, and he actual made a bench for it. However, it was in no way attached to the floor of the van and it would tip over. Probably not street legal, lol. We don’t have too many Dairy Queens close to us, so we usually go there on road trips! Yummy!

  2. Lauren Blair says:

    “Unicorns” lol. I feel like that word popped up out of nowhere and is already being overused. I’m going to call my “unicorns” CENTAURS just to be difficult! All jokes aside, great dress! I almost got it too but failed to do so. It looks really lovely on you! We didn’t have (much?) Snocones in PA growing up but we had Italian Ice, or rather Water Ice….or “Wudder Ice” accent dependent (which I was guilty of until the age of 25 haha). Here in Colorado we have ice cream…and that’s it! Which is weird because it’s the start of the desert… XO
    -Lauren Blair

    • superstylemeblog@gmail.com says:

      Haha! Centaurs! I might use that, lol. If you watch Seth Meyers’ show, he talks about the PA accent from time to time. I think his dad’s from there. I love me some good Italian Ice – especially lemon flavored. The more sour, the better!

  3. Devinne S. says:

    I wish we had SnoBalls in Chicago! That looks super yummy! Up here, my favorite summer treat is Italian ice, the really creamy kind. It’s hard to find, but it’s so rewarding to find a place that does it right.

    • superstylemeblog@gmail.com says:

      Yes! I’ve only been able to find Italian Ice in the grocery stores here. I’d love to be able find some that’s not prepackaged!

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