30 Day Style Challenge, Day 29: My First Time – eBay

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DSC_1432_FotorreduxI’m back, baby! Thank you all for sticking with me while I survived some technical difficulties. I was offline for a few days because I was changing hosts, and hit a few speed bumps along the way. I was quite the nervous wreck while it was all getting sorted out, especially because I at one point thought I lost everything! Yikes! But I didn’t, thankfully, and I had many good friends attempting to keep me calm throughout the whole process. The good part is I learned a lot about computery things, I’m loving WordPress.org, and it feels good to be self-hosted! Plus, my new layout makes me happy!

Can you believe I’m almost done with the 30 Day Style Challenge? Sure, it took me more than 30 days and I’ve broken the no shopping rule more than once, but who’s counting? Well, I guess I am, but nonetheless…

Today, I’m introducing a new type of post. For “My First Time,” I’m shopping places I never have before, and telling you all about my experience. My first post is all about bae…I mean, eBay! Can you believe I’ve never bought anything from eBay before? I’ve used the site often, especially for researching the values of collectables and other fun things at my previous job, but I had never made a purchase. Why? The whole bidding thing scared me. Turns out, I thought it was more complicated than it actually is.

mid reduxI wanted to give eBay a try because I’ve seen so many other bloggers find out-of-stock or discontinued dresses from retro brands, and that’s what I was able to do with my first purchase. I’ve seen this Hell Bunny dress a number of places, namely ModCloth, Hot Topic, and Gwynnie Bee. The problem was I saw it too late. No matter where I looked, it was out of stock, at least in size 4x, in both this purple shade and in blue. When I went on eBay, I wasn’t seeking out this dress in particular, but I was pleased to see it up for bid. In the end, I didn’t get it for super cheap, but I did pay about $23 less than what ModCloth had it listed for when they had it in stock. However, I have heard of people getting Hell Bunny dresses for even lower on sale, though, but that was no longer an option.

When the dress arrived, it was impeccable! Here’s a link to the sold listing on eBay. As you can see the condition is listed as “New Without Tags.” This mean that the dress doesn’t have tags, but it has never been worn. While that can sound a bit fishy, I’ve heard that when dresses go straight to eBay sellers from a warehouse or factory, they often don’t have tags. If someone wore this dress before me, they could have fooled me. It even came out of the packaging perfectly pressed, which never happens.


Photo from ModCloth

I also bought the above Myrtlewood by ModCloth skirt from an eBay seller. This skirt, too, is no longer available from ModCloth; however, if I had caught it before it went out of stock, I would have payed slightly less than I did on eBay. This wasn’t an item up for bid, but rather for sale at a set price, and the seller had a few of the same skirt in stock. If you look at the listing, you see that it’s $15, but shipping is $10. Now, if you look at the lowest sale price on ModCloth before they no longer carried it, it sold at 70% off for $20.99. Had I put this skirt on my wishlist at ModCloth, I would have been notified when it was on sale or low in stock and saved a couple dollars, especially since I would have likely bought it with something else on sale and gotten free shipping on a $50+ order. While the condition was listed as “New Without Tags,” the skirt actually arrived sealed in a ModCloth “Stylish Surprise” package! Since the seller also had more than one of the skirt available, I’m sure the person was able to obtain inventory from ModCloth in some form or fashion.

DSC_1399_FotorreduxAnother thing to remember about eBay is you win some, you lose some on items up for bid. There were a couple auctions where the bids went higher than I was willing to pay, and I just had channel my inner Elsa and let it go. One cool thing about eBay is they have an automatic bidding function where you can enter the highest price you’re willing to bid, and they’ll automatically bid for you up to that price until time runs out. That’s what I did with the Hell Bunny dress, and success!

DSC_1426_FotorreduxsgNow, I have a couple of questions for you. Have you ever scored a great find on eBay? Also, are there any retailers you’d like for me to check out for “My First Time?” Let me know in the comments! Remember, I’m partial to places that offer sizes above 24 and shoes in extra wide widths. I’m so glad this dress and I were finally united in the best possible way. Also, I’m planning to do a “shop my closet” sale early next year, and checking out eBay gave me a lot of great info about being a good seller. Thanks for reading, and if you ever see this Bernie Dexter dress in 4X on eBay…holla at your girl!

Dress: Hell Bunny from eBay / Necklace and Earring Set: Charming Charlie / Shoes: Torrid(old, similar from Jessica London)


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2 thoughts on “30 Day Style Challenge, Day 29: My First Time – eBay

  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome ebay finds! I get super nervous ordering things online, as I suppose I’m just a kind of nervous person to begin with. But ebay (and amazon) are definitely sites where you can score some great stuff! I just tackled my first paypal encounter, and luckily it was a success (I’m so not computer savvy, I basically google just about everything I do, or ask my brother because he is a wiz with this stuff).
    Not sure if you’ve ever used gilt.com, (I’ve only seen them go up to a size 16, but it could have just been the brands I was browsing), they also have really great deals on shoes and handbags and other accessories! I browse through their page at least once a week and have scored some great stuff, including a DVF dress for like 80% off. (my kinda steal).
    🙂 🙂 Amanda | Sans Scrubs

    • superstylemeblog@gmail.com says:

      Thanks, Amanda! I have heard of Gilt.com, but I’ve never checked out their site. Sounds like I need to give them a look 🙂

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